"Mix Your Own Sauce" with the Heinz MYOS machine. You get to choose which and how much of your favorite condiments get mixed into your own secret sauce recipe. 

Full-sized machines can be found in grocery stores while smaller versions are used in restaurants.

Customers can name their sauce with custom printed labels on each bottle. Uniquely calculated Nutrition Facts are printed on the back.

How It Works
A static-mixer efficiently blends the condiments as they're pumped into the bottle. A non-stick coating inside the mixer keeps the machine clean with minimal cross-contamination between users.
Heinz MYOS at Five Guys
The mini MYOS machines will first be available at Five Guys restaurants due to their fully customizable menu and previous adoption of the similar Coca Cola Freestyle machines.
OOH Campaign: "Rebel Your Way"​​​​​​​
Copywriter: Christina Williams; Experience Designer: Patrick Nguyen
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